Spring-Bonnie (Also known as Springtrap) is a side antagonist in Five Nights in Anime.She is very aggressive and will quickly appear in the office if the player is not quick enough.

Locations Edit

She starts out in the closet and then moves to the kitchen and then moves into the vent which leads to the office.


If player doesn't close the vent, she jumpscares the player without warning. Her jumpscare is pushing her "boobs" to player's face(like huging the player), she will do it many times, like golden freddy the first time will startle the security officer but the second time will make him scream.

Trivia Edit

  • Purple guys absence in the game makes the "remains" in Springbonnie unknown
  • She is in a better state of repair than her Five Nights at Freddy's counterpart.
  • On night 5 springtrap will almost instantly teleport into the kitchen and the to the players office.
  • Oirginally, she may went to left door like springtrap(spring bonnie) in Five Nights at Freddy's 3.