Overview Edit

Night 5 is currently the last and hardest night in Five Nights in Anime. With this update, a vent was added in front of the player on all nights, although until Night 5 it does nothing, when Springbonnie's active.

Phone call Edit

The phone call will feature an mysterious animatronic calling you, saying she wants to give you a present; since the Phone guy died.

The puppet easter eggEdit

Puppet was added by Mairusu as an easter egg.

When springbonnie is in kitchen, her face is visible but covered by springbbonnie's ear.

Tips Edit

  • Check The Pirate Cove if Foxy leaves, close the left door.
  • Check the vent if Springbonnie's there,close the vent.
  • Again, if Golden Freddy in the office, pull up the monitor fast.
  • Check left door if Bonnie is here, close it.
  • Check right door, if Chica or Mangle is here, close it.
  • Repeat them all every 2-5 seconds for saving the power.