Golden Freddy (also known as FredBear) is a side antagonist in Five Nights in Anime. She will not attack when power goes out,and does not move until the 4th night. She is gold, torn up and wears a black bow with Black Panties.

locations Edit

Golden Freddy starts in the closet and then will randomly teleport into the office. The only known way to stop her is by pulling the camera up before she can attack you.

Jumpscares Edit

If you fail to put up the camera quick enough, Golden Freddy will start to kiss you and won't stop, ultimately suffocating you. The first kiss will startle the night guard, but the second kiss seems to make him scream.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown how her AI works, seemingly appearing in the office at random.
  • Her lipstick does not show when she appears in the office, only when she attacks you.
  • She is the only Animatronic who has a "Jumpscare" using anything other than her Boobs/Butt.
  • It's likely you're putting up the camera to block a kiss, or to not let her see you.
  • Golden Freddy is Mairusu's second favorite Animatronic, after mangle.