Foxy is the side antagonist in the five nights in anime game. She will not attack when power goes out but does move like the other animatronics. She will run down the players left hall. She is crimson with a light crimson chest and a grey hook. She also has brown pants. She moves on the 2nd night.


She starts to move on night 2 and starts in the Pirate Cove first she will begin to peek out of the Pirate Cove then she will move out of the pirate cove and stare at the camera. Then she will bolt down the left hall. The player must close the door before she can get in.


If you don't she will jumpscare the player with her "booty."

In v.2 her sound is same as bonnie. In v.4 her sounds changes while she is doing her jumpscare.(also this sound shared with Mangle)



Foxys cove


Foxy peaking out of her cove


Foxy out of her cove


Foxy going to attack the player

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