Chica is the side antagonist in the five nights in anime game. She will not attack when power goes out but does move like the other animatronics. She has a moving pattern similar to Bonnies. She is yellow but her bib is absent in game. She also has pink cheeks. She moves on the 1st night.


Chica starts at Show Stage and, may she moves to bathrooms,Dining Area,east hall and finally the office.

Chica can be seen in right door window.


If player doesn't close the door and she here, she sneaks to the office and, jumpscares the player.

In v.1 her jumpscare is as same as Bonnie and Freddy(when power goes off), shaking her boobs up-and-down, in v.2 Mairusu changed her jumpscare to shaking her boobs side-to-side, in v.4 Mairusu changed her jumpscare voice.


  • Originally, Chica wears a bib with (LET'S EAT!!!)or(LET'S PARTY!)text and holds a cupcake in her hand, however her bib and the cupcake are not exist in game.
    • also, she could be see her in kitchen, however the kitchen is not exist until v.5,but only springtrap will enter the kitchen.
  • Chica is one of two characters who changed her jumpscare to other version, and the other is Freddy.
  • She is the second active animatronic in game.

And Freddy is the other version of Golden Freddy(FredBear). And Mangle(Toy Foxy) is other version of Foxy. But Chica doesn't have an other version of her and she is only.


Five nights in anime toy chica on cam 07 looking a by solarsystem87-d8t1dom

Chica in the kitchen

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