Bonnie is the side antagonist in Five Nights in Anime. She will not attack when the power goes out but does move like the other animatronics. She has a moving pattern similar to Chica's. She is light blue with a white chest and a pink bow. She also has red cheeks. She moves on the 1st night.

Locations Edit

Like Freddy and Chica, she starts at Show Stage, and she goes to Dining Area, Backstage(Repair Room),West Hall and to the Office.

Bonnie can be seen in left door.

Jumpscare Edit

If she gets inside either while the player is holding the camera up or not she will instantly jumpscare him/her.

Her jumpscare is shaking her 'boobs' up and down and never changes. Even in fnia2

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, she has a red guitar like original Bonnie, but the guitar does not exist in-game.
  • She may move to the closet, but the closet was not programed until v.4,however she will not go to the closet.
  • Her jumpscare is only one that never changes anything on any version.
  • She the first active animatronic in game.
  • Unlike the 'Original' Bonnie, she has eyebrows.

gallery Edit

Bonnies texture in the repairs room

bonnie in the repairs room


bonnie coming down the hall


bonnie when coming down the hall

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